Sunday, July 1, 2012


So Cherie asked me to post what I meant by "pack" in my last post. I just wanted to tell her, but she brought up it is easier for her to learn by reading. Well sense that made sense, here it goes. When I think of a pack, I think of An alpha couple, with other couples below them. Now D-type members of the couples are still above the s-type members of other couples, but they still must ask permission from a higher ranked D-type. Now, the ranking is usually determined by whichever couple first suggests, and then... I honestly haven't figured it all yet lol.


  1. I think what you just told me goes a bit deeper than this. It's a clan, where the dominants are the council people, and it's kind of like a commune, but not the hippie kind. A family, the can or cannot be sexual. If the people included want to or not. Respect is needed - people need to ask the 'owner' of the person they want to play with. Um...I get this vision of a circle of D-types, sitting at a round table, and their slaves/subs sitting at their feet. This would probably be the biggest protocol - asking and sitting during a 'council meeting'.

  2. Woe....very heavy lights....I like the clan idea...being Irish I relate with the clan format....and having elders in the an elder statesman I have to grasp what you guys are going for....