Saturday, June 30, 2012

Poly thinkings

I have been thinking about the whole poly amorous thing lately and I am getting more and more okay with it. I have been talking to people who are in those relationships and reading several writings on fetlife that helped me quite a bit. I am at a point where I just need to think about what I want in the relationship, for both me and for Cherie. I know what basic things Cherie would like and I just need to figure out which ones I am okay with. And honestly I am not sure what all I would like in this. I know I have always wanted my own "pack" for the lack of a better term, with Cherie and I being the Alpha couple. That is all I got for now, just need to get ready and do some final pack for the move. Hopefully it isn't too hot today.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Wedding, Bisexuality and sharing, etc. etc.

Wedding was Friday and everything went amazingly well, even with the  whole dress thing the day before. Family and friends came, we kept it short and sweet and relaxed, ate our meal enjoyed the cake and were home by 8:15. Denver Comic Con was great, we saw a lot of good things and really enjoyed it, we are thinking about making it our annual tradition.

Recently Cherie has commented on wishing I was bisexual, and I will answer as best I can on that, I have never been sexually attracted to men, I acknowledge that men can be attractive, they just aren't to me. That is all there is to that.

She also has brought up being shared with another man or multiple men, short or long term, I personally am ok with short term, but I know Cherie really wants it to be a long term thing. I personally at this point am not comfortable with a long term arrangement, my self confidence is just not high enough at this time. That is just something that could change over time though.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Wedding, WHY?

Someone posted a question on Cherie's blog about why we are getting married so soon and why? Well like Cherie said, because we can. We made this decision together and it is financial boon for us. For me it is also a dream of mine to be married before my friends and family, as odd as that sounds for a guy. But that is my response to that