Thursday, July 12, 2012

What I would like in a Clan

Well the other night I asked Cherie about what kind of people she would like to have in our Clan, I am officially calling it a Clan because it fits better than pack. She said she wasn't sure and would write it down once she figured it out. Well it has been a couple days and I figured I would write out my thinking on it to help get the thought processes flowing for her. And well.... here it goes.

I think, at least for a start, a total of four people is a good number to start out with. I think that things should be balanced, two D-types and two S-types. I feel the other D-type should have some aspects of a Daddy/Mommy personality, so Cherie has someone that understands her Little side more. But, I feel that they should also have a Master/Mistress attitude as well, to keep Cherie in her slave space when I am not around. For the second s-type, I feel that a good mix of slave, little, masochist, and sub are really required. I would like both to be like a brother/sister to both of us. I am not going for physical types at the moment sense It is more important to find those who can mentally meet our needs and wants as well as the physical. 

Sunday, July 1, 2012


So Cherie asked me to post what I meant by "pack" in my last post. I just wanted to tell her, but she brought up it is easier for her to learn by reading. Well sense that made sense, here it goes. When I think of a pack, I think of An alpha couple, with other couples below them. Now D-type members of the couples are still above the s-type members of other couples, but they still must ask permission from a higher ranked D-type. Now, the ranking is usually determined by whichever couple first suggests, and then... I honestly haven't figured it all yet lol.